New Android Malware Can Steal Money From PayPal

An Android Trojan virus has been discovered that has the ability to steal money from PayPal. According to We Live Security, the malware, which is hiding as a battery optimization tool distributed via third-party app stores, “combines the capabilities of a remotely controlled banking Trojan with a novel misuse of Android Accessibility services to target users of the official PayPal app.” After being launched, the malware eventually asks for accessibility by asking the user to “enable statistics.” Once enabled, it will then send a notification asking the user to open up the official PayPal application, where the user will sign in normally.

Link: New Android Malware Can Steal Money From PayPal


Is Cloud Computing a Smart Business Move?

Cloud computing might be one of the best things to have happened in the world of business in years, especially when it comes to small businesses. You may already know about the money-saving benefits of cloud computing – but what about the other benefits? . Saving money isn’t always enough to sway some business owners.

Link: Is Cloud Computing a Smart Business Move?

Mobile app vs mobile website design: Your four options

There is a lot of confusion among organisations about how to deal with mobile. However, when it comes down to it you have 4 options.Do you need an app in the app store? Should that be native or hybrid? What is the difference between a web app and a responsive website? The world of mobile can seem…

Link: Mobile app vs mobile website design: Your four options

What Restaurant Apps Are Tracking on Android Smartphones

Phones are very traceable, as the New York Times’ exposé on ad tech companies and consumer privacy proved this week. But in fast food, restaurants are even more reliant on location data and personally identifiable information (PII) to offer customers a wide range of services. It’s how chains run loyalty programs, manage delivery orders, and even market limited time offers (LTOs).

Link: What Restaurant Apps Are Tracking on Android Smartphones

Mac Malware Appears On The WatchGuard Top Ten Malware List For First Time.

Mac-based malware has appeared on the list of the top ten most common types of malware for the first time in WatchGuard’s quarterly Internet Security Report. The Mac scareware appeared in sixth place in WatchGuard’s latest Q3 2018 report and is primarily delivered by email to trick victims into…

Link: Mac Malware Appears On The WatchGuard Top Ten Malware List For First Time.

Microsoft Office Apps Now Support macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Microsoft’s official suite of Office apps for macOS have been updated to offer better compatibility with macOS Mojave. More specifically, these latest updates bring a new visual element to the apps meaning they now support macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode. A lot of consumers who enter in Apple’s ecosystem often choose to use the company’s own productivity apps, namely Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

Link: Microsoft Office Apps Now Support macOS Mojave Dark Mode

Accessibility Trojan malware steals PayPal money

We love Greek mythology so we find the Trojan War story interesting. We like the Trojan horse but not the Trojan virus. Unfortunately, the latter is all we can experience. Actually, it’s something you don’t want to see and experience at all. The last related feature was shared last year. Remember the Loapi Trojan?

Link: Accessibility Trojan malware steals PayPal money